[Tagging] Translating tags into the database itself ?

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 10:46:49 BST 2011

I just discover in the wiki the natural=tree enhancemens and
especially a (new) concept about tagging translations:


The speciies and genus keys have to be fulfilled in latin and other
tags supply translations:
species=Juglans regia (this is the latin species name for common walnut)
species:en=Common Walnut
species:de=Echte Walnuss

Is that a correct approach for internationalization ? Until now, a tag
was basically in english (like amenity=school) and if you want to
display its meaning in other language, you would have to translate it
automatically in your application, not in the database. So, your
editor would translate "Schule" or "École" when the tag is
"amenity=school". And we don't need an "amenity:de=Schule" or
"amenity:fr=École" attached in all elements.

So I would expect the same concept for "trees", so the
"species=common_walnut" would be translated in editors as "Echte
Walnuss" but we don't translate tags into the database when it can be
automated, right ?
Of course, you can add any tag you like but I would like to remove all
these tags translations from this wiki page since it is a breach of
our tagging standards. The discussion would be more about the language
adopted for the value, if it can be english or latin.
What's your opinion ?


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