[Tagging] Translating tags into the database itself ?

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Aug 18 10:56:38 BST 2011

Hi Pieren.

On the one hand I agree with you, that using latin in "species" without 
specifying a language code differs from the way it is done with name and 
name:* tags.
On the other hand latin AFAIK is the common language to name plant 
species all over the world, and - differing from english for names - the 
latin species names are really used by scientists all over the world.

That's why I would support that scheme using latin as the non-specific 
language for species.


Am 18.08.2011 11:46, schrieb Pieren:
> I just discover in the wiki the natural=tree enhancemens and
> especially a (new) concept about tagging translations:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tree
> The speciies and genus keys have to be fulfilled in latin and other
> tags supply translations:
> species=Juglans regia (this is the latin species name for common walnut)
> species:en=Common Walnut
> species:de=Echte Walnuss
> Is that a correct approach for internationalization ? Until now, a tag
> was basically in english (like amenity=school) and if you want to
> display its meaning in other language, you would have to translate it
> automatically in your application, not in the database. So, your
> editor would translate "Schule" or "École" when the tag is
> "amenity=school". And we don't need an "amenity:de=Schule" or
> "amenity:fr=École" attached in all elements.
> So I would expect the same concept for "trees", so the
> "species=common_walnut" would be translated in editors as "Echte
> Walnuss" but we don't translate tags into the database when it can be
> automated, right ?
> Of course, you can add any tag you like but I would like to remove all
> these tags translations from this wiki page since it is a breach of
> our tagging standards. The discussion would be more about the language
> adopted for the value, if it can be english or latin.
> What's your opinion ?
> Pieren
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