[Tagging] Use of place=suburb (was Re: RFC: place=neighbourhood)

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Aug 31 23:23:05 BST 2011

  I've often been confused by the suburb tag and maybe someone can clear it
  up for me.

  The tags place=city, place=town, place=village, and place=hamlet are
  mutually exclusive; if a spot is in a place=village, then it's not in an
  adjacent place=town.  It seems to be that place=suburb is regarded as

In US usage, suburb is a word used to refer to a town or perhaps even
city which is considered associated with a larger city.  There's a
notion that most of the people that live in the suburb do so in order to
be close to the larger city - and that's really what makes a town a
suburb.  This is not crisp, and there's no official standing -- there is
no right or agreed on truth status for "town x is a suburb of city y"
for at least many x and y.

So based on that, there shouldn't be any place=suburb on the map.

If suburb has a different meaning elsewhere, and we use that meaning in
osm, it will be import to define it clearly and warn US people that
their normal interpretation of the word is completely at odds with the
osm definition.
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