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Toerisme Vlaanderen wants to share its databases with us. There are
accomodations like hotels, but also many others. I'm going to start by
treating the hotels.

Here are 2 examples, which I entered from a combination of their
information, bing, personal knowledge and contacting them by phone:



The question is, of course: are those tags OK, or should I use a different
scheme alltogether.

I included one reference to a picture url, but there are many others. I'd
prefer to mention the base url once and then add a list of serial numbers
in another field. This would save storage space, but who is going to be
smart enough to reassemble that construction?

When a hotel claims to have a swimming pool, but then the swimming pool is
a public one nearby, I marked it like this: hotel:swimming_pool =
I did the same for the parking facilities of the hotel in Leuven:
hotel:parking = yes;Ladeuze

As far as the swimming pool goes, I could also simply have added no and let
the users use the map to locate the pool on their own, of course.

In the case of the parking, the hotel in Leuven does have an agreement with
Ladeuze parking and they offer their customers a rebate, so the connection
is a little bit stronger there.

There are also descriptions in various languages available, but they are
longer than 255 characters, so I dropped them again. It will probably be
too hard to keep those up to date anyway.

What is missing at the moment, is a deep link to the website of Toerisme
Vlaanderen, where interested people can consult all the information as well.

When I have those, should I use


for that?

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