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Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 12:28:35 GMT 2011

Deep breath being taken.

As far as keeping it up to date, I'm setting up a process for that. This is
one of their requirements for providing the data. They want to improve what
is available in OSM and they want the information that is being distributed
by us or by other providers (like Google) to be as up to date as possible.
That's the reason why they want us to have this information.

As far as which tags are not welcome, that's in part what this discussion
is supposed to be about.

I agree that I probably took too many to start with. But, I didn't  start
adding all this info to 500 hotels first and then come over here to ask
questions. It's only 2 at the moment and they are supposed to be test
cases, before I set up a semi-automatic process.

I guess the pictures are not relevant at all. What about the sports
facilities? Fitness/tennis/pool?
I'll probably simply be leaving them out when the entry is no/false. But if
they are available, on site or off site, is it OK to mention them?


2011/12/5 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>

> Jo,
>  please stop right there and take a deep breath.
> On 12/05/2011 12:45 PM, Jo wrote:
>> Toerisme Vlaanderen wants to share its databases with us. There are
>> accomodations like hotels, but also many others. I'm going to start by
>> treating the hotels.
> OpenStreetMap is *not* a hotel database.
> OpenStreetMap is a database for geodata collected by humans.
> Whether or not a hotel allows pets in their rooms or have a vault for
> guests is clearly not geodata. How many en-suite rooms a hotel has and what
> they charge for an extra baby bed is NOT data that we want in
> OpenStreetMap. Who is going to notice and update OSM when they change their
> extra baby bed pricing. Are you?
> Yes, there is a grey area - we do for example already record a "cuisine"
> tag for restaurants - but I think that you are really overdoing it. We
> cannot record all these details and keep them current. We cannot, and don't
> want to, replace the good work that Toerism Vlaanderen do.
> What you need to do is: Store hotel information in a different database,
> somehow agree on a common key, and point from the OSM record to the hotel
> database. You could even write an application that queries both and makes
> it possible to ask questions like "where's the nearest hotel that charges
> less than 100 Euros a night and has a jacuzzi". But you must not dump all
> this data onto OpenStreetMap like this.
> Bye
> Frederik
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