[Tagging] power=tower enhancement

Guillaume Allegre allegre.guillaume at free.fr
Tue Dec 13 16:41:26 GMT 2011

Le mar. 13 dec. 2011 à 14:13 +0100, Erik Johansson a ecrit :

> I would really like you to expand on why adding
> "riser=power_line;tele_communication"  would make things difficult to
> map. Though I think it might be hard to visualize making accidental
> deletions a worry.
> Risers seems to be pretty easy to map, but underground cables might
> not be quite as easy (since even tunnels are hard).

My proposal is for riser, primarily to help quality analysis tools to 
detect inconsistency on power lines, whithout emitting false positives.
We have the Osmose tool, covering only France for the moment, 
with this analysis (Power lines) :

I think mapping underground cables could be an option for the future, but
not for the moment.

Le mar. 13 dec. 2011 à 15:14 +0100, Martin Koppenhoefer a ecrit :
> +1
> I'd suggest to use
> power:riser=yes instead of riser=power (to remain compatible if we
> should decide to map telco lines as well in the future, so we could
> use telecommunication:riser for those).

yes! power:riser=yes seems a simple and good solution.

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