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McGuire, Matthew Matt.McGuire at metc.state.mn.us
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Without knowing the area, I can only speculate that "Tri-Cities" is a locally common name for the entire metro, but assuming it is, I like the way it looks on Mapnik, so it seems like a case of tagging for the renderer. How about "place=metro"?

More could be done with metro areas. For example, OSM Mapnik renders the Saint Paul label at a 'higher' level than Minneapolis. Is there some way to identify Minneapolis as the largest city of the metro area and Saint Paul as the Capitol of the State of Minnesota? I don't see anything in the Map Features tags that would allow this. Locally, the entire metro area is frequently known as "The Twin Cities", and together Minneapolis and Saint Paul are a primate city.

I don't know of a way to represent (data-wise) the metro areas as one single place. The result is, I'm now looking at a map with labels for Trenton, Wilmington, Newark, Huntington NY, and Stamford CT but not New York City and Philadelphia.  A place=metro tag and relations would allow that - if the renderer so chose.


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There's no city named Tri-Cities; this is the name of the metropolitan
area that comprises Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland. I assume there's no
defensible reason to keep it tagged as such, but what should be done
about it?

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