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Agreed.  In American usage, craft implies a decorative object, frequently created by the person who will be using it, and always in a small-scale rather than mass-production manner.  Examples would be hand-thrown pottery, wood carvings, and handmade jewelry.  A craft store sells tools and supplies used for making craft objects.  A plumber or electrician would be considered a tradesperson, not someone conducting a craft.

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I'm starting to be convinced that there is a cultural disconnect with
the word craft. To me (and I suspect most English speakers) there has
to almost be an arts aspect  for something to be a craft. Whereas I'm
starting to get the impression the German use is closer to what I
think of as trade or profession, and this is the way the tag is being


On 8 January 2011 08:58, John Smith <deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com> wrote:
> A tow truck driver doesn't need much more than a special license, I
> don't think this is a craft at all.

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