[Tagging] Differences in cycleways

Robert Elsenaar robert at elsenaar.info
Sun Jan 9 10:37:00 GMT 2011

Ok, great. If that is the ultimate solution for all cycletracks.

Can you help me with the remaining problems?

How do I tell OSM that the highway=cycleway is part of the highway=*? 
Do I have to tell OSM that bicyles are not welcome on the highway=* when 
there is a highway=cycleway next to it?


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So, no standalone cycleway will ever be mapped with the cycleway=track tag, 
and no cycleway that is actually shown on a map will have the tag either? 
The tag is never to actually be used on a cycleway, only on a motor-vehicle 
road to indicate that a cycleway exists somewhere nearby, but isn't directly 
shown on the map?  Does this mean that, should someone else add the cycleway 
to the map at a later time, the cycleway=track tag should be removed from 
the motor-vehicle road?

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On 9 January 2011 07:43, Robert Elsenaar <robert at elsenaar.info> wrote:
> Nathan,
> I do not understand you at all.
> We agree about cycleway=lane: No seperation but defenitely a special place
> for bicycles.
> You stated in your last replay, and correct me if a I'm wrong.
> highway cycleway should be mapped if there is any kind of seperation, even
> when it is only a seperatly a strip of grass.
> Now my disunderstanding, and please help me out:
> When do you tag a cyclestrip as cycleway=track?

When it's there, and it could be mapped as a separate track, but you
haven't done so (yet), then you map the road with cycleway=track. If
it has been mapped separately, then you wouldn't, as it's not needed.


> -Robert-
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>> Huh? If there's separation between the cycleway and roadway, it's a
>> second way. If not, it's a cycle lane rather than a cycle track.
>> -----
>> Please define seperation?
> A continuous physical barrier so that one cannot cross at will between
> the cycleway and roadway. This may be a Jersey barrier or even a line
> of raised pavement markers but is normally a strip of grass or hard
> surface. For example in
> http://www.truewheelers.org/cases/vassarst/index.htm the separation is
> curbed areas with plants. (There is however no separation here between
> the cycleway and footway, so those should probably be combined as a
> single path with oneway:bicycle=yes.)
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