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> 2011/1/12 Martin Simon <grenzdebil at gmail.com>:
> > These signs are refering to "military load class" ("militärische
> > Lastenklasse"), not to maxweight.
> > Other than the real weight of the vehicle, these classes contain
> > factors like the number of axles, overall dimensions of the vehicle
> > etc.
> yes, but for this discussion this doesn't change anything ;-)
> > AFAIK, this does not affect civilian traffic in any way.
> because regular traffic is restricted to 40 tons or has to get special
> permissions for every single transport where all bridges, roads, etc.
> in the way are checked one by one.
> cheers,
> Martin

Well, my sign is definitely only for civilian traffic here. ;)  And on this bridge, it has the same sign on both directions.
Here's a link to the picture of the sign that I took: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/rickmastfan67/Interstates/P1010122s.jpg (please do not post on any other websites without asking me first).
Anyways, I still think the "maxweight:combo" might work best for this.  I could at least tag the "normal" limit now and wait for some more consensus on how to tag the second weight later if I wanted to.
-- James 		 	   		  
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