[Tagging] [lifecycle][semantics] Updates for disused=* and abandoned=*

Andrew Chadwick (lists) a.t.chadwick+lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 11:46:20 BST 2011

I've updated the pages for disused=yes and abandoned=yes to address
concerns lots of mappers were having about these tags' backwards
compatibility and basic semantic soundness. This update is itself
backwards-compatible with the old voted-upon docs, but allows migration
to a scheme that's friendlier for software.


Your thoughts? Really, I'm just codifying something similar to what
people have already been doing locally, and as described on IRC and in
the wiki, as a suggestion. There are some nuggets about naming and when
a building stops being a building in there too.

Semantically, logically, it's pretty fundamental that all of the
individual statements you make by tagging an object should be true about
it right now to the best knowledge available. This means they should not
contradict each other. Otherwise, software is going to become upset:
volunteer developers don't have the time to add exception cases for
every new tag that comes along in a free-form tagging system. The old
pattern for these tags violated this; what I've suggested doesn't.

(http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Andrew%20Chadwick/diary/14047 too)

Andrew Chadwick

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