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On 08/06/2011 20:57, Alan Mintz wrote:
> I'm working on the Riverside National Cemetery here: 
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=33.88467&lon=-117.28189&zoom=17&layers=M 
> after having found their "official" map (non-copyright USVA product) 
> to have mistakes and omissions - seeing a useful contribution for OSM.
> Locations within the cemetery are known by section and site. I've 
> drawn the section polygons based on the official maps, Bing imagery, 
> and some discussion with them, but the boundaries do not really render 
> in Mapnik. The latest iteration I've tried tags the individual 
> sections as amenity=grave_yard + boundary=administrative + 
> admin_level=12. If you look carefully, you can see a disruption in the 
> symmetry of the background fill trees along the boundaries, but I'm 
> looking for something a bit more obvious (like the black lines used 
> for barrier=wall).
> Well aware not to "tag for the renderer", there are still many 
> different ways to tag here - I'm just looking for a clue as to which 
> one might result in the rendering I'm looking for. If there isn't one, 
> how can I get the default Mapnik rendering to draw a thin, contrasting 
> outline around amenity=grave_yard, assuming there isn't an objection?
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Hi Alan,

I think some work has been done on Arlington National Cemetery which 
might be relevant.

A couple of years ago I made this proposal: 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Section which 
attempts to capture this sort of requirement. The main interest was 
European forests, but cemeteries were very much on my mind because it is 
often really difficult to find a particular grave even in small cemeteries.

I don't know if anyone has used it (I wasn't particularly happy with the 
tag name because its meaning is non-obvious) for tagging. Obviously it 
is unlikely to be supported by renderers, although if you look at the 
discussion you can see interest for some renderers.

I did do one cemetery but it was horribly tagged for the renderer & I 
really ought to fix it!

I think admin_level is getting terribly overused (e.g., neighbourhood) 
and would deprecate its use for anything except administrative 
boundaries. I tend to think of it as a rendering hack anyway: and it may 
force the data consumer to use the wiki to interpret it.


Jerry Clough

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