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M∡rtin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 18:18:54 GMT 2011

2011/3/21 Peter Wendorff <wendorff at uni-paderborn.de>:
> He said, they prefer the sidewalk:left|right:*-tagging scheme at the
> street's ways.
> When I asked how they would like to model crossings - like I asked here, too
> - he did not have an answer.

yes, and even if you mapped them perfectly jsut using parameters: as
long as you don't have very good (I'd say almost "impossibly good")
editor support for this stuff (virtual ways displayed and the like) it
will not remain for long in a good condition: other mappers will
likely either break these complex parametric crossings, or not edit
them at all (both not what we want).

In all cases where the sidewalk is not perfectly parallel, or where
you want to add barriers between the sidewalk and the road, you will
in any case have to move to the other scheme.

IMHO explicit sidewalks have the huge benefit of simplicity. I know
that many of you are computer scientists eager to create the most
elegant way to model all kind of complex situations with pure
mathematics, but don't forget that we are building the people's map:
the easier it is to contribute (and to understand the model) the more
people can actually map.

> My problem with your answer is, that tagging at the main street is hard to
> expand to explicit mapping later.

Yes, most likely we would remove these tags and draw explicit ways later.

> I fear, we urgently need a tagging scheme for way groups (the old multi-lane
> discussion) to come to a good solution, as it's not possible to talk about
> sidewalks without talking about parking lanes, cycle lanes, cycle ways and
> even bus lanes at the street.

+1, I also want this. The area relation [1] actually would be an
alternative to map sidewalks and obstacles, and to define what is
between a dual-carriage way (because often pedestrians can cross them,
e.g. when the separation is just grass). It also has the benefit that
you get the road as an area if you don't map the sidewalks at their
center but on the outer border.


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relations/Proposed/Area

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