[Tagging] propose/help to rename a key / about protected areas schemes

crom crom9 at online.de
Tue Mar 22 13:09:16 GMT 2011


We can design names for the numbers, but the numbers should run ahead 
(at least for a longer time?). The IUCN is using numbers too - for 
whatever reason.

nature_reserve belongs commonly (in our view) to class 4
national_park is commonly for 2
nature_monument to 3

I too like names, but a name implicates a weight or meaning, whitch is 
not given in every case (e.g. some "nationalparks" are far away from 
that, what they are commonly). So it might be misleading. Thats one 
point for numbers.
And the type of protection isn´t catch so easily by a photo like it is 
for a highway.

 > ... how would you deal with several protection "operators" / institutions
Because OSM (still) can´t use two keys for one object, I think, there 
are two options?, I know
* values separated by semicolon and
* Relations -  it might be simular to a naturereserve, that is part of 
the european "NATURA 2000"-protection-network and may bee part of an 
Thats (mostly) done with further relations.

I know these heritage-page. its working mainly with the ref-key and 
defined values (don´t know jet, from which base the values are)? Usually 
including like an external ID.
There already exists different affords to map kinds of protcted stuff.
certainly nature_reserve and nationalpark ...? as well as

Sure, Yes, we can try to incorporate other concepts.

do you know more?

these might be - without a further look on this pages - easily done with 
offical schemes (lists) of governments or institutes and the ref-key, 
like heritage.

regards, crom

(I changed the headline a littel, for more participants)

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