[Tagging] propose/help to rename a key / about protected areas schemes

crom crom9 at online.de
Wed Mar 23 10:59:06 GMT 2011

thank you for the comments!

 > because it gets complicated if you have several
 > values in several keys and you wanted to connect
 > them between each other (you would have to rely on ordering)
on a technical view, semicolons are seperators and you can jump from one 
to the next, get orders and catch/interpret the strings between. But I 
don´t like that too if it ends up in long text.

 > there is the third option ... * whc:ref=N ...
I like this too and I use it.

 > ... (I guess this is not welcome because it puts
 > the value in the key ;-)  ) ...
but in this case, it might be accepted?
I would suggest to use it like this
     * WHC:operator=World Heritage Convention (WHC)
     * WHC:website=http://whc.unesco.org/en/list
     * WHC:ref=N
     * WHC:criteria=2;4
     * WHC:inscription_date=1983
in the operator-key value you have to give the full string (advertise) 
and with this "abbr" on the begin, you see in a tag-list what belongs 
together. Together with the "abbr", its possible to use more "ref" for 
one object.

Thats a _relation-concept_: "ref"-layers upon one basic OSM-area 
decoration e.g. out of leisure=*, landuse=*, ...
These ref-abbr-scheme is IMHO usable for lots of (external) stuff, from 
CORINE up to plant communities. But you should have a view on the 
accurate abbr.

 > ... military is IMHO not related to these protection zones.
yes, its a marginal cases: the aera is constrained usable too - its for 
your healthfulness ...

 > ... water protection, air protection, protection of specific
 > species or kinds of animals (e.g. birds).
therfor is the "resources-protected-areas"-section - the economic view 
of environment-objects
her you protect areas to save a location, to find gold, getting food, 
water, ...

and if you think about protect species with their habitats
protect_class=7 "nature-feature area: similar to 4. but without 
Thats more the local, small-areaed protect efforts by _communities_: 
saving an aerie of an eagle or the orchids etc.

 > ... low emission zones.
its too, like military, a runing key. For the sake of completeness. 
Actually they belong to p_a too. I still don´t know, if these 
LEZ-concepts are the same way complex than the tarif-zones of the public 

regards, crom

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