[Tagging] Vote / Opinion poll about history=event

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Tue May 3 04:59:32 BST 2011

After digging further into this, and with all XAPI servers seemingly
unresponsive I looked toward tagwatch, the following are historic
values of curious note:

yes (5053)
pa (2138)
battlefield (331)
Altstraße (80)
heritage (76)
tumulus (60)
industrial (54)
coat_of_arms (54)
hollow_way (41)
road (37)
quarry (36)
lavoir (33)
UNESCO_world_heritage (33)
re (32)
railway_station (31)

Personally I think historic=yes isn't a good idea, since you have to
do further digging to be able to classify things, where as stipulating
why it's historic is of much better value.

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