[Tagging] Requirements for proposals and voting to be valid

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Wed May 11 12:19:46 BST 2011


Right now I've had a wtf moment. As some of you remember, there was a
proposal for water=* tag. It was discussed, voted upon and approved by 16
to 3 votes. But now there are some enraged wiki editors, one of whom erased
the whole voting section and reverted status to "Proposed". And the
reasons, which he stated in the discussion page, were those:

> The procedure for a vote on Proposed_features#Voting requires a specific
Subject line
> in the e-mail sent to the tagging list. As this was not used, the vote is
> I will remove the vote on this page and leave someone to reopen it
> if they really think this is a good idea.

I've reverted his edits of the proposal page, but is he right? Is any
proposal with incorrect subject line in tagging@ post (let along those
which weren't mentioned here) automatically invalid?


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