[Tagging] Requirements for proposals and voting to be valid

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Wed May 11 13:52:18 BST 2011

On 11/05/11 12:38, SomeoneElse wrote:
> On 11/05/2011 12:19, Ilya Zverev wrote:
>> I've reverted his edits of the proposal page, but is he right? Is any
>> proposal with incorrect subject line in tagging@ post (let along those
>> which weren't mentioned here) automatically invalid?
> If so most of map features would be "invalid" because many features 
> there predate the tagging@ list.
> The problem is that there are many different versions of "valid" in 
> the OSM world:
> "valid" in the wiki just means that people who read the wiki and can 
> be bothered to vote thought that it was a good idea.
> "valid" on the map means actually used lots of times
> "valid" in the editors means that the editor authors thought that a 
> particular combination was relevant to that editor's target mark
> "valid" in the renderers means something different again, etc.
And "valid" on the wiki is the least significant of these.

The wiki should be a place to document the various parts of OSM, and for 
things like software it can be useful. For tags, however, it is getting 
steadily more and more complex and confusing and less and less beneficial.

I would suggest to the wiki fiddlers out there dreaming up their latest 
proposal: each actual use of the new tags you propose entitles you to 
write one word in the proposal. I know this may sound odd to some: i.e 
use a tag *before* the proposal is written, but that will make your 
proposal grounded in reality not the pie-in-the-sky rubbish we 
sometimes, and increasingly often, see.

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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