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Simone Saviolo simone.saviolo at gmail.com
Thu May 12 13:47:50 BST 2011

2011/5/12 Stefan Bethke <stb at lassitu.de>

> Am 12.05.2011 um 10:50 schrieb Tobias Knerr:
> > Sorry for my previous unfinished mail, I didn't want to send it.
> >
> > To summarize what I intended to say:
> >
> > * I assume that most road shapes are adequately described with just a
> > single outline area for the entire road, and no one has provided a
> > counter example yet.
> Ever been to any city?  Should I post photos just looking out the window
> here?  What examples to you need?  What is this assumption of yours based
> on?
> > * If everyone mapped road parts as separate areas, it would actually
> > make it *easier* for me to support them in my application. But it seems
> > like an excessive amount of effort for mappers.
> Ultimately, that's up to the mappers to decide.  I think it'll be a while
> before I would get around mapping to this level of detail, but I won't stop
> anyone putting in the work.
> > * For some applications, it will be necessary to reconstruct the entire
> > road from the various separate ways, and I assume that an area around
> > the entire road could reduce the amount of guessing involved. Of course,
> > that's not the purpose the area:highway key was originally invented for.
> There already is a concrete requirement to have the different spaces (for
> vehicles, bikes, pedestrians) represented appropriately, plus visually
> impaired users who would love to get information on physical features of
> these.  By mapping both a conventional highway=* way as well as an area,
> applications can decide what level of detail they're interested in.  The
> areas are complementary to the ways; they don't replace them, just as with
> waterways.

+1 about everything. You worded it great.



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