[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Proposed features/entrance/indoor-usage

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 22:43:24 GMT 2011

2011/11/17 Andreas Balzer <email at andreas-balzer.de>:
> There is a feature regarding entrances to buildings. For me it seems to be
> suited for indoor mapping to be used for entrances to rooms too. Would be
> nice to get comments on this.

You could use entrance=room for entrances to rooms. Maybe you'd also
want to tag other doors, so barrier=door could be a tag.

Our current tools are not very suited for mapping buildings (for
drawing buildings you'd want good support for orthogonal drawing and
maybe walls (double lines and automatic trimming at intersections and
corners) and configurable snapping and maybe grids). There is already
really a lot of commercial software for drawing buildings but very few
open source and with a few extensions JOSM could become much better
suited for mapping than these (actually there is already some nice
support in JOSM in the extrude mode, so moving walls parallely is
already possible, but for example you could have a divider tool to
split one polygon or multipolygon into 2 multipolygons).

Anyways, the problem that Peter mentioned remains: different levels.

You won't need a real 3D model to do 3D-routing - besides very few
cases of interesting architecture - so you could use 2D logics and go
with "building:level" and filter this in the editor (and on the
downside create structures that almost require a certain editor for
mapping, the other mappers will not be able to improve the map without
an editor who filters the data). I never use the filter function in
JOSM but I think it is already possible to filter by any tag
(building:level), and if you attach this tag to all elements in every
level you already could handle this.

Or you go for a separate database for upper and lower levels. You
could integrate the ground level in OSM (not in infinite detail, but
if we are talking about public buildings (and maybe also publicly
accessible buildings) that might be OK, but if you already implement
something for the other levels you can also set the building entrances
as interfaces.

A dedicated buildings-database linked to OSM could also have other
benefits, you could add images, building drawings (raster, vector, 3D)
and other information (Articles, Books, ...


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