[Tagging] RFC: highway=tidal_road

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 11:27:33 GMT 2011

2011/11/23 Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com>:
> On 11/23/2011 5:40 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> Yes, this would fit the proposed tag. As you can see from your picture
>> not beeing aware about the tide situation can cost your life. IMHO
>> this kind of road merits its own main highway tag, it would be too
>> dangerous to rely on subtags, and it's overall characteristics are too
>> different from a "normal road" (a road which doesn't get regularily
>> flooded).
> This is similar to a low water crossing:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_water_crossing

no, it is IMHO not similar to low water crossing, being the latter
usually short while a tidal road will be often some kilometres long,
so the danger is really not comparable.

> I don't think we use any special highway=* tags for those, or for other
> roads that may be dangerous at times (e.g. heavy snow, military proving
> grounds). If someone ignores signs and physical conditions, it's not our
> fault, and we shouldn't tag incorrectly to get routing software to ignore
> these roads.

IMHO a road which is frequently flooded has this as a characteristic
(you can also see this because they got their own name in language)
while a road where you might expect heavy snowfall in winter is not
comparable, it still is a road (the snowfall IMHO is not a
characteristic of the road, while beeing flooded every day for some
hours IMHO is).


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