[Tagging] looking for native speaker opinion: tidal / tidalflat / tidal flat

John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Wed Nov 23 16:49:12 GMT 2011

Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:

> Beeing the two proponents of tidalflat_path and tidal_road not native
> English speakers we decided to ask here in the international list
> which term is best suited (please only reply if you are a native
> speaker).
> the alternatives are:
> A: tidal (tidal_path, tidal_road)
> B: tidalflat (tidalflat_path, tidalflat_road)
> C: tidal flat (tidal_flat_path, tidal_flat_road)
> thank you,
> Martin

My recommendation, as a native English speaker, would be to use tidal rather than tidal flat.  Tidal flat is apparently a synoym for mud flat, but such roads might also be placed across sandy or rocky terrain.  For that matter, such terrain might not be completely flat; there might be some areas that are only submerged when there is an extra-high tide, or if there is a storm.

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