[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Turn Lanes

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Thu Oct 6 10:28:47 BST 2011

Peter Wendorff wrote:
> Some remarks have been mentioned here already, why this proposal is 
> not
> well designed.
> Another one is, that it's tackling the lanes-problem, but not solving 
> it.
> You propose something for turning lanes - but again restrict it to 
> cars.

It was not my decision, but was the outcome of a recent discussion in 
this very list:

Proposed taging scheme just refines lanes tag value, not touching other 
proposed and approved features.

> To go a little step further, it's even worse for
> sidewalks/footpaths/pavements, which are unsolved wether to tag as
> separate lanes, tags at the street way or whatever.

I guess you should discuss that on the corresponding proposals pages, 
for example,

My opinion is that all sidewalks, cycleways and whatever should be 
drawn as separate ways.

> I don't think, these unfinished proposals are a good idea in this 
> case,
> as long as they don't solve the multi-lane problem in general (or are 
> at

I don't think it's possible to solve all multi-lane problems, both 
encountered and imaginary. And it's certainly not possible to make that 
solution simple enough for potlatch users, for example. I took a part of 
that problem that I could deal with, and formed a proposal. It is not 
finished, because it's in RFC stage. But it's close enough.


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