[Tagging] Wide steps

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Fri Oct 7 20:01:44 BST 2011

Am 07.10.2011 20:18, schrieb David Earl:
>> The additional highway:steps would stay at separate ways "on top" of the
>> area.
> This shouldn't be necessary, any more than any other highway area. 
> It's like putting a node for parking in the middle of a parking area.
I don't see how you are able to tag the direction (up/down) of the steps 
on an area, so yes, the additional "traditional" way IS necessary.
The direction of steps is highly relevant for several reasons:
* Steps going upwards are no dangerous place for children - they cannot 
fall down with their bikes etc.
* For blind people steps upwards are an obstacle easily detectable by 
the blind mans stick; stairs down are more dangerous and more difficult.
* A good bicycle routing application could be configurable to allow 
stairs downwards e.g. for mountain bikes, while avoiding stairs upwards, 
as these are more difficult to use by bike.


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