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John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Fri Oct 14 13:18:42 BST 2011

"André Riedel" <riedel.andre at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2011/10/14 Erik Johansson <erjohan at gmail.com>:
> > If can't even tag *entrances* to a subway with this tag I see little
> > use for it. Could either of you perhaps expand a bit  about what you
> > mean.
> You can tag the entrance of a train or subway station as
> entrance=yes/main BUT only together with a correspondending building
> (or poi area). It is not possible to use the tag entrance=yes on a
> single node without any connection to a building or area.
> Ciao André
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In the case of a subway station, this will mean that the station's area will need to underlay other mapped objects, and the mapper will need to map the access tunnels as well as the station proper.

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