[Tagging] barrier=?

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Thu Oct 20 18:34:08 BST 2011


Could anyone point me at existing examples of these motorised car access 
barriers (operated by waving a card at it) and/or suggest what the tag 
for it should be. I've found a site that sells them: 
http://www.newgate.uk.com/pages/products/blockers_kerbs.php and they 
call them "rising kerbs", so how about barrier=rising_kerb, unless 
someone has already got an example.

While we're at it, you also sometimes find barriers on car park exits 
which have fierce, curved, spring-loaded spikes which are pushed into 
the ground if you drive over them in the intended direction, but which 
would rip your tyres to shreds if you attempted to go in against the 
flow. Like a fixed stinger. Any ideas for barrier=? I've found them 
referred to on manufacturer sites as 'alligator teeth' and 'traffic spikes'


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