[Tagging] A name for stony ground?

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Sun Sep 4 20:15:37 BST 2011

It might not be a good idea to try to find one tag all areas of rock (that then
could be refined).

Probably it would be better to find a general tag for areas of solid rock and
another general tag for areas of fragmented rock. I am looking for a general
term as there seem to be so many specialized terms, it would be troublesome to
get  a whole covering set of specialized tags.

---Areas of solid unbroken rock--
# bare_rock  Could that be understood as an uncovered surface of rock, bedrock?

# bedrock    If there is rock showing I guess it is the bedrock.

--Areas of fragmented rock--
# stony_ground   Might seem to exclude the really big stones, boulders and such.

# fragmented_rock Is fragmented understandable?

Or is it futile to find something to encompass everything from fields of large
boulders to gravel?

/Johan Jönsson

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