[Tagging] A name for stony ground?

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Mon Sep 5 18:32:58 BST 2011

Bryce Nesbitt <bryce2 at ...> writes:
>     The http://www.mrlc.gov/
>     Is a partnership of:
 federal and state partner
>           agencies interested in assisting in either the population of
>           the Landsat database or collaboration in developing the Land
>           Cover database.
>     Which have all agreed on common landcover descriptions, including a
>     code feature for stony ground.

A interesting line-up one must say.
Here is the latest (2001) definition of the different classes:

They have shown a distinct movement from land use-like classes to more physical

The old "Bare_Rock/Sand/Clay" have been replaced by the simpler "barren_land".

!!This could be an alternative approach to the tag-name. Use "vegetated" or
"barren" as tags.

Maybe I was to specific when looking/and failing to find a tag for all land of
bare rock (stony ground). The vegetated/barren couple could be better.

Anyone got any objections on barren, do it have other meanings?
/Johan Jönsson

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