[Tagging] railways, subway stations and train stations

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Sep 22 12:43:47 BST 2011

I think we'll need a better definition of subway.   I believe in England
that's a below-highway pedestrian tunnel.

More seriously, in Boston we sometimes use the word "subway" to refer to
several MBTA lines, and non-train-nerds don't really distinguish between
the Green Line (which is probably "light rail") and the others.  Of
course, real trains sometimes run underground (e.g. near New York Penn

I'm not sure if the distinction you're after is

    urban rapid transit with a "every N minutes" notion, tending to have
    fare gates


    longer-distance "real trains" running on traditional railroad tracks,
    with a timetable (including commuter rail), tending to have tickets
    and conductors

  if it's about whether the subway/rapid-transit system is connected to
  the national rail system


  if it's about being in tunnels (which seems not the right issue to

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