[Tagging] sidewalks and tagging for the renderer

Komяpa me at komzpa.net
Tue Apr 10 21:01:57 BST 2012

> Well. We have a similar situation with "highway=cycleway" or
> "cycleway=track". Not everybody is ready to trace multiple parallel
> ways just for micromapping.

If someone isn't ready - fine, just wait for active mapper to come.

In Minsk, we've come to agreement that highway=* are just routing
lines, with highway=footway as a part of routing graph for
pedestrians, and highway=cycleway - for cyclists.

It's possible to have pedestrian routing without separate ways for
sidewalks, but it's nicer when it shows you where you can actually
cross the road.

These represent "how people actually move", and doesn't try to follow
some idiom like "sidewalk is/isn't a part of the road" and "if it's a
single bridge, it should be single line".

We've got almost all sidewalks mapped as separate highway=footway lines.

For those who wish to "join the road back" we're starting to map
area:highway polygons.


The highway=footway is the main part of the pedestrian graph,
footway=sidewalk is just some tag I find no use for.

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