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2012/4/11 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:
> Am 10. April 2012 22:01 schrieb Komяpa <me at komzpa.net>:
>> In Minsk, we've come to agreement that highway=* are just routing
>> lines, with highway=footway as a part of routing graph for
>> pedestrians, and highway=cycleway - for cyclists.

>> It's possible to have pedestrian routing without separate ways for
>> sidewalks, but it's nicer when it shows you where you can actually
>> cross the road.

> The thing is that you can generally cross any road at any spot, as
> long it is not impossible or too dangerous ;-), i.e. in most of the
> cases you can simply cross the road if your destination is right on
> the other side for example. With explicit footways your router will
> send you to the next crossing and tell you to cross the road there and
> then come back.

First, there are road behaviour rules, that basically disallow that.
You MUST go to crossing to cross a road here.

Second, if you want to hide sidewalks on rendering, postgis's
ST_DFullyWithin is your friend. You don't have to TAG everything you
can rather easily distinguish geometrically.

Third, try to cross these not on the crossing staying alive:



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