[Tagging] Wikifiddling, surface=cobblestone vs. sett & paving_stones

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 20:28:02 BST 2012

Am 12. April 2012 00:31 schrieb Steve Bennett <stevagewp at gmail.com>:
> Clearly the change that was made was disruptive and changes the
> meaning of the 80,000 or so surface=cobblestone tags already in
> existence. I have thus changed the definition back and commented out
> surface=sett for the moment.
> Now, some issues with introducing sett:
> 1) No one knows what "sett" means.
> 2) The distinction is probably not important to most people.
> 3) There is far more sett than true cobblestone in the world.
> 4) We can't introduce a distinction by splitting an existing tag this
> way. Clearly surface=cobblestone means "Cobblestone or sett". There
> are too many instances to change that.

+1 to all this

> So, whoever really wants to introduce this distinction is going to
> have to find another way, perhaps "surface=cobblestone,
> cobblestone=sett".

not so sure about this. Currently there is really a lot of values in
surface but (as far as I know) none of them gets subtagged. Instead of
subtagging we could also keep cobblestone for "sett" and invent
another value for old cobblestones, could be something dumb like
real_cobblestone, real_cobbles, round_cobbles, round_cobblestone,
old_cobblestone or similar. We would subsequently change the tags for
the (probably few) surface=cobblestone which are actually old_cobbles
and done.


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