[Tagging] Wikifiddling, surface=cobblestone vs. sett & paving_stones

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Fri Apr 13 20:06:37 BST 2012

Steve Bennett wrote:
> So, whoever really wants to introduce this distinction is going to
> have to find another way, perhaps "surface=cobblestone,
> cobblestone=sett".

Thank you for dealing with the issue.

Subtagging seems like a good suggestion for making this distinction. We
would also need a value for "real" cobblestone, though, not just sett.
After all, it's much more likely that the subtag will be used on the
small number of non-sett surfaces.

Of course, cobblestone=cobblestone seems a bit silly. Maybe
cobblestone=cobbles/sett? Any other suggestions?

There also is a rarely used surface=cobblestone:flattened tag documented
in the Map Features template. This should probably also be turned into a
subtag value, _if_ it is actually a variant of its own and not just
referring to setts.


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