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On 20 April 2012 14:35, Philip Barnes <phil at trigpoint.me.uk> wrote:

> Which prompts another question, do we have a tag for a 'passing place'?
> There is a photo of one on this page
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-track_road

Tag info shows it does highway=passing_place does get used
And there is a page on the wiki for it.

And here's another question.
A twoway single lane highway implies that if you meet a vehicle coming in
the other direction the road is blocked. Hence the the common of existence,
at least in the UK, of 'Passing Places' mentioned by Philip.
A twoway two lane highway implies that common road vehicles can drive down
the road each within their own lane?
But there is a third situation that in my area is arguably more common than
implied single lane status, and that is a road which is wide enough for
cars to pass each other at at crawl, but which would be blocked if a large
vehicle meets another vehicle. This I assume is impotant information,
especially for routing, because these are roads a car owner would wish to
avoid if there is an alternative 'true' 2 lane road, and which a lorry or
van should avoid unless they must use the road.

A while back I went through a period of trying to add lanes, speed limits,
and lighting info. This was prompted by the excellent "tools" produced by
ITO map eg www.itoworld.com/map/179
While trying to sort through the confusing speed limit laws in my country,
I stumbled across a document advising that roads where two cars could pass
slowly or with care, but wider vehciles could not, the road should be
considered to consist of  1.5 lanes. Didn't bother to save the document at
the time and search engines can't track it down. Does the idea of lanes=1.5
seem acceptable for roads where cars can pass slowly, but wider vehicles
will block the road. There is an obvious problem that the decision to label
a road as lanes=1.5 is subjective.

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