[Tagging] Dispute prevention: meaning of lanes tag

Martin Vonwald (Imagic) imagic.osm at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 13:08:51 BST 2012

Am 21.04.2012 um 13:34 schrieb "Ilpo Järvinen" <ilpo.jarvinen at helsinki.fi>:

> ...What I don't really care if it is called lanes=1.5 or 
> lanes=1/2+some_other_agreed_tag_which_is_not_an_estimated_width=x, but 
> simply saying that use lanes=1/2 alone instead I oppose.

I would recommend lanes=2 and width=xxx. Maybe give some examples for the widths of some common, "narrow" roads? Can someone provide photos and widths?

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