[Tagging] School tag

Владимир Поквалитов pvm at isnet.ru
Sun Apr 22 05:17:50 BST 2012

> This could also be used with:
> driving schools (amenity=school + school=driving instead of
> amenity=driving_school)
> foreign language schools (amenity=school + school=language +
> language=en;fr;de)
> pottery workshops (amenity=school + school=pottery)
> karate schools (amenity=school + school=sport + sport=karate)

I think we shouldn't mix general education institutions with hobby
skill trainings and short-term professional trainings.

I would leave amenity=school for general education secondary schools
only. And introduce the new tag "amenity=training" for driving
schools, dance schools, sport schools, sysadmin or Cisco courses.

Or make the new high-level tag "education=*" and put there all the
tags about education: education=school, education=university,
education=college, education=training.

In any way of tagging general education and skill training must be put
in different tag values.

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