[Tagging] Dispute prevention: meaning of lanes tag

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 07:56:37 BST 2012

2012/4/23 Kytömaa Lauri <lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi>:
> If one does not consider parked cars _at all_, the first example
> of my previous post (at the end) with a 9 meter wide
> carriageway and no markings would have to be lanes=3

Of course not. It would be lanes=2. The width isn't decisive for the
lane count, but markings or usage. I doubt, that anyone would consider
this to be a road with three lanes.

>, but
> it's not a three lane road. Likewise, this oneway street
> (5.9-6.0 meters wide) with cars always on one side would have
> to be lanes=2, which seems wrong, don't you think?

Same argument as before.

>>In my opinion, parked cars should not be considered.  Keep it simple!
>>The tag lanes should give you the number of lanes. The tag width gives
>>you the width. And if cars usually park on the road, we should use a
>>tag - maybe parking:lanes or similar - for that one.
> We already do use parking:lane:right/both/left=*, a lot. :)

Perfect :-)


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