[Tagging] "contact:phone" or "phone" to combine with "amenity=telephone"

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 13:47:43 BST 2012

is saying that the phone box number has to be tagged with "contact:phone".

The "contact:" namespace has been discussed here
and some good arguments have been raised against it.
Unfortunatelly, nothing really happend excepted some minor remarks and
the namespace is spreading in the wiki like in "amenity=telephone"
page but not in the database where it is only combined with "phone"
not "contact:phone".

I'm asking because the question why we don't use "phone" instead of
"contact:phone" is now asked on one of the translated version

Can we use the taginfo stats to revert the change made the 2nd may
2010 where "phone" has been replaced by "contact:phone" and add a big
"deprecate" notice on the "contact:" namespace wiki ? (overall, we
still have 10 times more "phone" than "contact:phone", 20 times more
"website" than "contact:website", etc)


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