[Tagging] Dispute prevention: meaning of lanes tag

Ilpo Järvinen ilpo.jarvinen at helsinki.fi
Fri Apr 27 10:54:26 BST 2012

On Fri, 27 Apr 2012, Andrew Errington wrote:

> A lane count of 1.5 is very confusing.  What does it mean?  What is the width 
> of each lane?  Is it really 1.5?  Should it be 1.55, or 1.4, or 1.6? 

...No, it's not multiple of some magical "default lane width" like you 
imply. But simply _something_ between "normal" lanes=1 and "normal" 

> It's more useful to tell me width of the road.  Then, if there is one 
> lane I can see maybe it's very wide, or if two lanes I can see maybe 
> they are very narrow. 

...But how can I tag you this: A road which is lanes=1+wide _AND_ 
lanes=2+narrow at the same time? ...You ask me to provide width and select 
one of those two, and that is what I oppose, unless you give me some real 
tag that is not width to tell that 'hey, there really isn't lanes marked 
(which makes it kind of lanes=1) but two can somewhat fit (which makes 
it kind of lanes=2 but not really because it's only "somewhat")'!

...What I would not want to do is to tag those lanes=1 because that's 
certainly a lie as anyone can clearly see after observing some 
bidirectional traffic there.

> In summary, I think simpler is better.  A non-integer lane count is useless.  
> Use the width tag.

I oppose using width tag (at least alone) for this because it won't 
convey the double meaning. Some other tag than width and tagging with 
lanes=2 perhaps (like I already suggested much earlier)?


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