[Tagging] Dispute prevention: meaning of lanes tag

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Fri Apr 27 11:18:50 BST 2012

>IMHO it would be a good idea to remove fractional lanes amounts and
>forget about them. They are too subjective.
>What do you think of lanes=3.5? I have an example here:

When the lanes are marked on the ground, it ought to be an 
offence to drive continuously on the lines separating lanes;
hence, there are only three lanes in the link above, even if 
some or many drivers think they can get away with it.

>Not sure, how many lanes these are, could be 5 or even 5.5? Depends on
>the car widths and the experience of the drivers:

Changing lanes and overtaking within an intersection ought to
be an offence in developed countries, so from the modelling point
of view there can only be as many lanes as there are on any of 
the incoming or outgoing carriageways.

>vehicles can pass at the same time, lanes=1.5 doesn't really help you,
>it will always remain unclear which width is the street.

There are those roads (yes, roughly 4 meters wide) that, based
on the overall setting, can not be called two lane roads, but it 
would be misleading to tag them with lanes=1, either. 

Aren't we supposed to safely assume that every road can be 
tagged with some correct lanes tag?


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