[Tagging] lanes=* on cycleways

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Fri Apr 27 16:08:37 BST 2012

How do we handle lane counts where there's more than one bicycle lane?
 How do we count lanes on cycleways?  Since these lanes are narrower
than what cars can fit down, things like Gresham segments of the
Springwater Corridor (4 lanes) and situations like 12th Avenue (which
has a couple spots with bike lanes on both sides of a one-way street)
or the Hawthorne Bridge (two car lanes, two bicycle lanes on the
westbound approach; two bike lanes on the one-way cycleways) would all
count as lanes=0 or only count car lanes under the existing lanes=*
proposal.  I imagine the Dutch have a similar problem, given that I
have a sneaking suspicion multilane cycleways are somewhat more common

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