[Tagging] Data redundancy with "ref" tag on ways vs relations

Paweł Paprota ppawel at fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 1 07:01:59 BST 2012

These are all good arguments but I think we should give more credit to
mappers. Sorry if I'm being boring but I will again come back to
OSMonitor reports that Polish community is now using for fixing roads -
since I started publishing the reports every day I am shocked by how
quickly people fix stuff based on these reports. Our Polish community is
quite small and still we are making impressive progress towards "all

One thing I agree with is problem for the API/server-side. Though so far
I haven't seen a relation in Polish roads that cannot be downloaded
because it's too big, I know these things exist and that's a problem.

As for breaking relations by newcomers - we plan to have a regression
reporting as well so that once a road (relation) goes from green to
yellow or red then it will be reported to wiki/mailing list/whatever and
people can quickly fix it.

I'm not trying to shamelessly promote my tool - I'm just sharing my
thoughts and impressions after few short weeks and what I have seen the
community can do when they have two things:

1. A baseline simple agreement on how we map - in this case we said we
want to clean up relations for major roads in Poland.

2. Tool that will help with that - give up-to-date insight into data -
otherwise you cannot see what's going on. Also as a bonus the tool can
provide small motivations like coloring, statistics etc. - this really
works and we enjoy it.


On Tue, Jul 31, 2012, at 23:32, Pieren wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 10:41 PM, LM_1 <flukas.robot+osm at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Actually almost any proposal containing relations is criticised from
> > this perspective (relations being too complex/complicated for
> > mappers).
> If you explain OSM to an average newcomer, not a geek or a s/w dev:
> - yes, concept of relation is complicated (I'm even not talking about
> super-relations)
> - yes, it is not easy to edit (e.g. hte JOSM relation editor is fine,
> but hey, you need a special editor dialog with special features just
> for relations...)
> - yes, big relations are a problem for the API
> - yes, relations are difficult to maintain in long term because it's
> often broken...  by newcomers.
> Pieren
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