[Tagging] Data redundancy with "ref" tag on ways vs relations

"Petr Morávek [Xificurk]" xificurk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 18:41:41 BST 2012

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Tools must serve mappers. Everything in OSM must be geared towards
> making contribution easy for mappers. Anything else is secondary;
> consumers are totally unimportant.

I think, this is the point on which we fundamentally disagree.

Consumers and data usability is important as well. It's not always easy
to walk the thin line between the needs and preferences of contributors
and consumers, but we should try to.

I mean, what's the point of producing the data, if they are unusable or
really hard to use? If we go down this road, we should employ a bunch of
monkeys that will bang into the keyboards and produce more data for OSM.
Who cares those data are unusable? The consumers are totally unimportant
as long as the monkeys contribute to the project.

Having the data in more or less usable state is important makes it
easier to build new amazing tools and projects upon them. And these
projects are vital for OSM - just ask yourself, what was the initial
reason for starting to contribute to OSM?
Was it something like "Hey, we're crunching a bunch of geo data into
this big database called OSM, wanna join us?"
Or was it something like "Hey, look at this map/navigation SW/..., isn't
it great? What? Your house's not there? But look, you can add it simply
like this."
Data consumers and their projects are crucial in attracting new
contributors, that's why we shouldn't make it unnecessarily complicated
for them and say that they are "totally unimportant".

Best regards,
Petr Morávek aka Xificurk

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