[Tagging] RFC: Names localization

MilošKomarčević kmilos at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 11:56:59 BST 2012

Petr Morávek [Xificurk] <xificurk at ...> writes:
> Johan Jönsson wrote:
> > *It could also be meant to explain something that might not exist on 
> > wikipedia, in what languages and scripts the road signs usually are on the 
> > place. In the greece capital Athens there are usually the name in greek 
> > letters first and then in roman letters (gr and gr_rom maybe).
> This is actually a related problem - the question, what should we
> generally put in name tag? IMHO in case of a dispute, a reasonable
> solution is "on-the-ground" rule. But if everybody in Greece agrees that
> in name tag they will put only names in Greek alphabet (even though you
> say the signs contain latin transcription as well), it's their call.

Exactly, and fits perfectly with the proposed model: in theory there is no
difference between multilingual and multi-script content. These should be viewed
as just as separate _locales_ (set of parameters that are needed to describe
_written_ information).

So you could have


and have the renderer (or whichever client) automatically transliterate the
requested 'el-Latn' content from the available 'el' one to populate 'name=Αθήνα

If you only had


the client wouldn't have a clue that the content is in Greek and wouldn't know
how to process it further.

name=* without any context of what language is recorded in it is one of the
biggest fallacies of OSM i18n and needs to be addressed.

The proposed scheme is one way, the other is mandating that name=* is actually
name:en=* on the _whole planet_.

Having "whatever default" in it just doesn't work any more.


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