[Tagging] Data redundancy with "ref" tag on ways vs relations

LM_1 flukas.robot+osm at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 19:19:06 BST 2012

Even though the bridges were not the best example, I would not dismiss
their importance.
Maybe a better example is when two roads (numbers) run on the same
asphalt. It is not uncommon in my country and probably possible

There is support for this - that is JOSM + RelationToolbox plugin.
Potlatch recently gained the ability to highlight all relations, which
is great. I will try using it for a while and suggest concrete
improvements on this matter.

There were concerns if it is more gain for mappers or for data
consumers. I am the former and use the later.
As a mapper I prefer one thing being present on one and only one
place. I prefer one real object being represented by one osm object be
it point a way or a relation.
As a mapper I hate repetitive work and relations let me get rid of it
for some part.
I like to know that I have made no mistakes - relations are easier to
check than 50 way segments.
If the whole street gets a different surface or gets wider, relation
at least gives me an easy way to select all members.
I like relations when mapping.

As a user of osm applications I want them to be as feature rich as
possible. Frederick is right that consumers would not go away because
data model is not perfect. But they might omit a feature or ten. I
started contributing because osm maps were more detailed and precise
than any other. Therefore I believe that the better map comes with osm
watermark the more contributors the project gains.

Lukáš Matějka (LM_1)

2012/8/2 Richard Mann <richard.mann.westoxford at gmail.com>:
> Bridge ref & highway ref: bridge ref should have a specific tag, such as
> bridge:ref=whatever
> Two roads meet at roundabouts: roundabout has higher-ranking (ie lower)
> number, unless the higher-ranking road has a flyover or underpass. Or don't
> have a ref.
> None of the issues raised justify changing a very well established scheme.
> Richard
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