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Hi Osm, I do have the next question and suggestions for more tags with the discriptions I do have the following problem, I
would like to have more tags or possible keywords as value for military
strongholds or castles. The only available definition is bunker or ruin, nothing more what if a building is simply abandoned, a concrete bunker wont fall apart ! I did add some keywords for pics.
Suggestions are welcome or simple shoot at it, its open for discussion. I do
have the impression that this is the platform for a question like it. I would like to add the Key Military and Value Abandoned for a building or structure thats simple left if its collapsed its a ruin.

 Military            Hillfort or ringfort,
simple round stronghold with (earth)walls 600 – 900 AD

Military            Fortress build of stone
(The Tower of London Gb) 1100 AD

Military            Stronghold - simple arrow like earth
walls with ditch or trench 1300 AD

Castle             Stone building build to impress,
(Pfalzgrafenstein De) 1320 AD

Military            Motte- or baileytower a tower made of wood or
stone, a shelter standing on a hilltop, 1400 AD

Military            Redoute, closed (round) stronghold
or fortess with earth walls,1400 AD

Military            Fort out of wood or
similar material 

Vesting           Fortress with inhabitants, Vauban like
(Bourtange Nl) 1590 - 1740 AD

Castle             Palace, stone building with
extravagance, (Le Louvre Fr) 1600 AD

Military            Fortress
- stronghold with wooden or stone reinforcements (Fort William Henry Ny) 1750

Military            Outpost / factory made out
of what was available (Fort Nassau Al) 1620 AD

Military            Trench, made man ditch
with earth walls for protection

Military            Fort, old Vauban like
fortress (Old Fort Henry Ca) 1830 AD

Military            Bunker, concrete made or
look a like building 1910 AD

Military            Fortification, collection of bunkers and
shelters (Fort Eben Emael) 1935 AD

Please tell me if this has to go elswhere. Greetz Hendrikklaas
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