[Tagging] Tagging amenity=waste_basket

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sun Aug 5 17:25:03 BST 2012

Am 05.08.2012 18:10, schrieb LM_1:
> For direction of the benches mapped as ways I would use analogous*
> rule to cliffs and retaining walls, that is: If you hold the bench
> with left hand (from the sitting side) you are looking in the same
> direction as the way. In other words backrest on left side of the way,
> sitting side on right side of the way.
As there are a lot of benches without a backrest, I would not introduce 
a default value here, as there's always a "need" for backrest=*. Your 
proposed default would reduce backrest=left|right|middle|none to 
backrest=yes for the default value, but you could not rely on that.

There's no benefit as we don't need less tags, and it's less valuable as 
backrest=yes without that "default" would work as a fallback (there's a 
backrest, but I don't know, on which side).

That's the difference to the retaining walls: a retaining wall is 
retaining something from moving to the other side - that's what defines 
it as a RETAINING wall.


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