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St Niklaas st.niklaas at live.nl
Fri Aug 10 13:32:09 BST 2012

Hi collegues, I dont know if Im too late, but Im missing some details. For instance ; What if a road is closed by a traffic sign closed to all traffic C1 (official roadsign numbers), pedistrians are allowed there theyre no traffic, or a complete area with C22a, limited environmental rules (Fi Germany and Netherlands), tag ?C1 has sometimes a secondary sign (permissive with dispensation) (Anlieger Frei or aanwonenden toegestaan or local traffic allowed), if you live there or travel to a specific adress your allowed to go, tag permissive (with permission but OSM uses permissive in a different or strange manor)Theres a type of truck mentioned to be HVG but in the European area its been discussed and changed into LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) for goods transport but no sign of ELVs (Extra Long Vehicles) 16-19 m ? Or even specific Australian Road Trains ?If the TAG protocol has to be rebuild, it should be taken into consideration.And a Dutch bicycle with electrical extra power, wich category should it go or just bike or the same as any extra powered bicycle, moped ?The road sign G5 (erf in Dutch) or recreation area is in English a strange one. Erf means living street or area with streets, where pedistrians have all rights and the traffic has to go slow (30 km) and be polite and parking is restricted to designated and marked areas.And theres another one what to tag with a combi of C1, C2 or C3, resp no traffic at all, no entry and one way road, in the Netherlands they come with a sign bicyclist allowed. They are cycling opposite to the given direction, how to tag the last one ? Greetz Hendrik
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