[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Extended Conditions

Eckhart Wörner ewoerner at kde.org
Fri Aug 10 17:09:44 BST 2012

Hi Pieren,

Am Freitag, 10. August 2012, 16:59:26 schrieb Pieren:
> And you decided to ignore all negative comments from first vote and
> ML. Many people told you that they have no problem with
> "maxspeed:wet=80" because key part can be considered as constant. But
> you didn't change anything about the most disputed parts like
> "maxspeed:(Mo-Fr 07:00-17:00)=30" or
> "access:(weight>5.5)=destination".

No, I didn't, because I believe those parts are quite important. But as you might have noted there is now a competing proposal which tries to suit your wishes.

Besides, here's a quick summary of the votes *opposing* the proposal:

 1) "un-OSM-y", "kills performance"
 2) dislike without argument
 3) dislike without argument
 6) alternate proposal that doesn't work
 7) "un-OSM-y", "kills performance" (refers to 1)
 8) dislike without argument
 9) "un-OSM-y" (refers to 1)
10) dislike without argument
11) dislike without argument
12) "special characters"
13) "against colon as main separator"
14) dislike without arguments
15) dislike without arguments (refers to 14)
16) dislike without arguments, alternate proposal that doesn't work
17) dislike without arguments
18) "too complex", "number of unique keys"
19) without reason
20) "go back to discussion"
21) without reason
22) dislike without argument, alternate proposal that doesn't work
23) without reason

That makes quite a few votes which are based on no arguments at all or arguments that are just plain wrong. (And it would have helped if some people actually read the discussion before voting.)

> As you said, you are convinced that your proposal is the best.

I never said "my proposal" for a simple reason: someone else created it.

> Probably you will push it as a "de facto" standard soon or later (in
> middle term, by moving the wiki proposal to the formal documentation
> templates). I don't care myself if you accept remarks in the wiki that
> some of your ideas are not considered as good by a majority of
> reviewers...

Again, those are not my ideas, although they obviously have my full support.
And if the idea is really that bad, maybe other people could start using *real* arguments to prove it. The quality of an idea is normally measured by the weight of pro and contra arguments, not by the number of pro arguments vs dislikes.


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