[Tagging] Carriageway divider

Elena ``of Valhalla'' elena.valhalla at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 13:39:20 BST 2012

On 2012-08-20 at 14:09:28 +0200, Peter Wendorff wrote:
> >You are allowed to cross a solid line, providing it is safe, to enter
> >ajoining premises or a side road.
> >
> >In cases where this is prohibited there will be a sign and this should
> >be tagged with a turn restrictions.
> In Germany that's not the case.
> You're not allowed to cross a solid line.

the same applies to Italy.

Usually in the case of a side road there will be a vertical 
sign for convenience, but not for ajoining premises.

Elena ``of Valhalla''

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